What We Do

New Vision is a software development company specialising in integration and automation systems for the eCommerce industry, we pride ourselves on building systems able to handle complex data requirements that run automatically 24/7.

Point of Sale

Connect your POS system data to any part of your business. Get real-time inventory updates to your locations.


Bring new life to your current website by using new data sources.


Streamline all of your marketplace channels; or if you own a marketplace, offer your customers a key integration.

Inventory Management

Make sure your channels never over-sell by synchronising real-time inventory data across your business.


Globally control your supply chain with an international distribution network.


Get your orders to your customers faster and with tracking updates for a better customer experience.


Get a custom solution that provides in-depth, easy-to-digest information about financial performance.


Understand where your business is strong and areas that need improvement with live reporting.

How We Do It

We start by gaining an in depth understanding of the business problem that we are trying to solve so that we can properly measure the success of a project. We then approach system design, development, testing and support with a rigorous focus on detail, and ensure that our customers are supported at each step before we launch.

Bespoke Software

We have been building bespoke business software for a number of years to meet a diverse set of client requirements.

API Integrations

In an age of diversification and specialisation, there is a growing need for business to share information with each other.

Management and Support

Software built by us can be supported on an ongoing basis under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Have peace of mind you’re in good hands.


Ideas need refinement in order to build an effective software solution. Consulting is a core part of our service offering for customers.

API Development

Connect your business to the outside world. We can build services that allow your customers and partners to share data with you.


Secure, fast and reliable hardware to support your business. Using the latest cloud technology we can offer VPS and Dedicated Servers.


Not just integrations... We also build entire products and platforms from the ground up. Utilise our expertise in full-stack development, UX and cloud infrastructure to launch your big idea.

 Mini Case Study: Building the core platform to take a start-up to market

We were approached by an early-stages start-up to bring their core idea to life - a web-based marketplace operating in an untapped B2B market.

We guided the client through the full software development lifecycle and delivered the working product on time and on budget. The platform is quickly gaining traction in their industry and with our ongoing support and expertise, they're geared for success.

 Mini Case Study: Launching a new arm of a global retailer

Our client commissioned us to build an API for new B2B partners, to give access to their inventory and place orders at trade prices. Crucially, it gives them full control over prices per partner and per product.

This was paired with a user-friendly web portal to the new B2B API, designed to be faster and easier to use than competitors in their market.

Our client's partners can now develop their own integrations to funnel the trade products into their existing retail solution, or jump onto the portal and start ordering straight away.


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The New Vision Culture


We believe in growing a culture of positivity with a ‘can do’ attitude. Our customers and partners rely on us for our expertise in order to solve their technical challenges and to achieve their own unique goals. We therefore are providers of solutions, not problems, and will always enable clear and open lines of communication.


We consider ourselves to be pioneers as many of the systems that we build don’t exist before we make them. As a result we provide guidance and thought leadership to our partners and customers when key decisions need to be taken. We execute decisions with speed and diligence ensuring that we can be fast and agile, but never rushed. Our motto to our work is “measure twice, cut once”.

The Journey So Far

After working for a large FinTech in London, James decides that he is a square peg in a round hole, and sets out on a different, yet unknown career path to build software for small businesses.
The business was moved to a co-working space and James worked on several software projects across different sectors, perfecting programming skills and finding which discipline and sector would be the best fit for the business.
We made a decision to specialise in connectivity within e-commerce as it is the area where our skillset is best suited and where trends in fragmented, cloud software systems created the largest opportunity. We continued to grow our long term partnerships in this space, all of which we continue to work with to this day.
This was a year of many milestones. We moved into our first proper office. The summer saw two interns join us on a University Programme. In the autumn, our first full time hires Jason and Sam were recruited. The office Christmas party was small, but by no means a boring affair.
We continued our expansion by hiring Richard, Hugh and Philippe. We moved into a brand new, 1000 sq ft office at The Paintworks. We grew a wonderful team of staff that service customers across the globe in many time zones and our customers entrust us to manage business critical software for them.

Our System Integrations

Within the niche area of API connectivity, we have formed a number of key partnerships with leading software providers and continue to build our market coverage and knowledge.

Cost Savings Estimator

Many businesses spend countless hours performing manual and repetitive tasks that intelligent software can take care of for you. How much could you reduce your staff wage bill by if you invest in integration and automation software?

How much can I save?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided answers to some of the more common questions regarding New Vision and our services. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the details at the bottom of the page.

We offer a unique and personalised service. You will know your project manager and developer face to face and have their direct telephone lines. No thick layers of management or red tape. We are geographically located well to build a proper relationship (not offshore) We only do one thing, and we do it very well. We do not stretch ourselves too thin with other technologies that fall outside of our core competency e.g. mobile apps.

After we deliver a project we can be flexible on the approach that you wish to take. We can offer a fully hosted and managed support service or we are also happy to deploy code onto your existing infrastructure if you wish. We can offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to cover any support that we will carry out.

In short, no! We have a team of full stack developers that are capable of building full scale web applications. In fact, we have launched two start up business platforms from conception through to initial MVP. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have two standardised integrations and more in development. Of the products currently available, one is a transaction aggregator/journaler for Xero and the other is a channel integration for Shopify. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Project work can be undertaken on a fixed cost basis after a thorough scoping and investigation phase. If you require development resource on an ongoing basis, we offer discounted rates for signing a fixed term services contract (retainer). Alternatively we can undertake work on an ad-hoc basis, according to our standard rate card. Please contact us to be sent a copy of this.

Yes, we will normally not undertake new projects that are less than 4 weeks / 20 days development time. This ensures that we have a suitable amount of time to understand your requirements fully and build a high quality product that we both can be proud of.

We are in the business of making long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships and will always go the extra mile to deliver your project within the constraints that we initially set out. We won’t lie, software projects are complicated! But you know that. We believe that communication is very important and if a project is ever at risk of slipping for any reason (e.g. 3rd party dependencies) then we will tell you as early as possible.

We will be happy to refer you to one of our existing customers if you wish to have a conversation about their experience and the benefits that our software has achieved for their business.

We are often asked if we have worked with a particular system or 3rd party before. We have worked with many before, including all of those listed in the System Integrations section above. If we haven’t worked with your system before then it’s usually no problem. Most systems have very similar APIs and processes and our broad range of knowledge and experience will ensure that you are in safe hands.



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